I’m Sophi, 20 something, Cakepreneur.


Hey, my name is Sophi. I got myself into a situation where I bake cakes to make a living. I do pay taxes, but frankly this adult thing is still a great mystery to me. I love everything glitter and basically live from Diet Coke and foamy soy milk. I like to kiss, one person in particular, it’s not my mom tho. I was bullied in school, so I decided to ruin the prom for all the witches who treated me like shit over the years. So I just manipulated the election and became PROM QUEEN👋🏻👰🏼👸🏼

After I finished my art history degree, I spent all my time baking as a technique to avoid actually being an adult. I pretend to know things about running a business but I have no clue. So, here we are today. Making cakes. Pulling some funky dance moves in my Insta story desperately wishing mister right is watching.which, really, should tell you everything you need to know.